5 steps to create a professional natural eye makeup look for women over 40 - by makeup artist Sara Ortiz

How to create a natural eye makeup look in 5 simple steps for over 40 

that will make the eyes look awake, and open wide while keeping your natural beauty.

* Below the tips, a 1-minute demonstration video is waiting for you to watch the steps

1. Use liquid concealer and blend with a sponge

Liquid concealer provides hydration and gives vitality to the skin, it also helps to give texture which will allow the rest of the makeup to look flawless, tight, and instantly radiant.

2. Use translucent powder.

This part is optional, however, it will strengthen the first step, by adding glow, which will absorb excess oil, and also blur the appearance of the pores.

3. Matte eyeshadow

Choose the shade that is blending well with your foundation/concealer color. Use a brush and by "C" motions from the crease in one stroke to under your lower lash line, for a polished look.

4. Shimmer eyeshadow 

Now you go freestyle, it's never too late for a little sparkle. Put a little on your finger to the desired extent for you to feel comfortable with it and with light touches on your eyelid.

It's recommended to have just a little in the beginning, and if you feel that you can have some more, you can easily add.

5. Magnetic eyelashes

They are easy and quick to apply, we'll choose sweet and short lengths here. As you know that the eyes are the window to your soul, lashes open the eyes and give them a wide, awake look that's will wrap all this and give you that extra edge of natural makeup in a way that it doesn't feel excessive or too dramatic.

Demonstration of the steps in a quick visualization video that will smooth your makeup application

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