Relax and take a deep breath. It’s way easier than old-fashioned, messy, smelly glue adhesives.

The first time is always tricky, but after a few tries, you’ll feel like your lashes are the easiest part of your morning routine.

The hardest part is waiting 2 full minutes for the eyeliner to dry.

Are you ready to get gorgeous lashes that last all day and all night?

It starts with the magnetic eyeliner.  


Okay, it doesn’t technically start with the eyeliner.

First, you’ll need to apply your eyeshadow and mascara just like you always do.

Most of our clients stop wasting time on mascara because the magnetic eyelashes are long, full, and beautiful without that undercoat.

If you’re not ready to break up with your mascara, then just be sure to apply to your natural lashes before the magnetic liner and lashes.   


Shake the magnetic liner and open the tube.

You should have a good amount of liner coating the wand brush.

Use the wand to draw the liner along your upper lash line from the outside edge to the inside corner for a classic look. Or from the inside corner to the outside edge and a bit beyond for a more dramatic cat-eye.

Keep the liner line as close to the lash line as possible. then add a second coat over the first. This second coat will get more metallic pigment on your eyelid, which gives you a super strong hold.

*There is no need to apply a regular liner under the magnetic liner, the magnetic liner act the same as regular liner.

Here’s the hardest part.

Wait for 2 full minutes until the liner is completely dry. Touch it lightly with your finger to make sure it’s not tacky. Sometimes it takes up to 3 minutes when the weather is hot and humid. Always close the tube tightly when you’re done to prevent the liquid liner from drying out. You can use a premium liner like Fiery for 2 months when you keep the tube airtight.


Use your precision application tool to position the magnetic lash over the eyeliner. Don’t get too close until you’ve got the lash in just the right spot. You’ll feel the pull of the magnets as it snaps into place.

Don’t worry if it’s a bit out of place. You can gently pull it off from the corner and reposition. No need to reapply the liner.

Enjoy your day!

That’s it! That’s all it takes to get amazing lashes and a whole new level of confidence. The biggest challenge should be choosing which attitude you want to put out there.

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