Product Questions


You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! 

A - Yes. Our unique Invisible Magnet technology allows you to trim the lashes at any point on the band. You’ll get your best fit, depending on your eye shape and desired lash length. Take your time with this process to avoid over-trimming. 

A - Gently rub the band of your magnetic lashes with a damp pad moistened with makeup remover. You can also use a fine toothbrush. Avoid soaking the silk lashes in the remover.  You should clean the lashes after every 2 uses to prevent a gummy band and extend the life of your lashes. Place the lashes in your storage case to protect them between uses. - Don't use any water or our olive oil swabbies

A - You won’t see any magnets on our magnetic lashes. This revolutionary invisible magnet technology uses one lightweight, continuous magnet that’s tucked inside the cotton band. It keeps your lashes light, soft, and flexible compared to other lashes with 5 to 10 heavy magnets attached to each band. And the continuous band gives you a stronger hold than all those heavy magnets. 

A - You can reuse each pair of lashes 40+ times with proper care.

A - Magnetic liners are normally good for 60 lash applications, so most people only need to replace their liner every 2 months.

A - Take our easy quiz to determine the best basic style for your eye shape. Then choose from a range of lashes, depending on your personality and your mood. You’ll find natural styles, dramatic styles and everything in between.

A - Yes. Our magnetic lashes are manufactured using all natural materials. The lashes are 100% fine quality silk, and the bands are 100% cotton. These materials are natural and sustainable. Plus, they deliver comfort and long wear.

A - We include magnetic eyeliner with our kits. However, you’ll need to purchase the magnetic eyeliner separately when you purchase a single lash style. 

A - Yes. The liner is waterproof, tearproof and sweatproof. However, it’s easy to remove using the 100% natural formula in the remover swabbies.

A - Yes. Magnetic eyeliners contain iron oxides, which is a common ingredient in makeup and skincare products. According to the FDA, iron oxides are safe when applied to skin. They should not cause skin irritation even for people with sensitive skin. You may want to conduct a 24-hour patch test to make sure you have no sensitivity.

A - Are the remover swabbies made from natural ingredients? A - Yes. Remover swabbies use an all-natural formula of 50% castor oil and 50% olive oil. Here’s an extra beauty hint: rub a bit of the oil into your eyebrows to keep them thick and full. Castor oil is an ancient remedy for thinning brows.Q - Should I use the remover swabbies to clean my magnetic lashes? A - Do not use remover swabbies to clean magnetic lashes. The olive oil is 100% natural, but it can damage the lashes.