Usage & Care




Q - Can I trim my eyelashes?
A - Yes. Our unique Invisible Magnet technology allows you to trim the lashes at any point on the band. You’ll get your best fit, depending on your eye shape and desired lash length. Take your time with this process to avoid over-trimming.

Q - Can I apply mascara with my Fiery lashes?
A - Yes. However, you should apply mascara only to your own natural lashes. Do not apply mascara to your Fiery magnetic lashes. Mascara and cleaning solutions could deteriorate the silk lashes.

Q - How do you clean magnetic lashes?
A - Gently rub the band of your magnetic lashes with a damp pad moistened with makeup remover. You can also use a fine toothbrush. Avoid soaking the silk lashes in the remover. You should clean the lashes after every 2 uses to prevent a gummy band and extend the life of your lashes. Place the lashes in your storage case to protect them between uses. Don't use any water or our olive oil swabbies!

Q - How do I apply magnetic eyelashes?
A - Magnetic eyelashes are faster and easier to apply than adhesive lashes. It just takes 3 easy steps:

  1.  Apply magnetic eyeliner like any other liquid liner. Use a second coat for stronger hold.
  2. Wait 2 minutes for the liner to dry completely.
  3. Position lash over the liner line, and feel it snap into place.

Q - How many times can I reuse my lashes?
A - You can reuse each pair of lashes 40+ times with proper care.

Q - How do I remove magnetic lashes?
A - Gently lift the lash from your eyelid starting from the outside corner. Store your lashes in their case to protect them between uses.



Q - How do I remove magnetic eyeliner?
A - Our waterproof eyeliner stays all day, but it’s easy to remove with the 100% natural formula in the remover swabbies. Or you can use any makeup remover designed for the delicate eye area.

Q - How often do I need to replace the magnetic liner?
A - Magnetic liners are normally good for 60 lash applications, so most people only need to replace their liner every 2 months


Q - How do I use the remover swabbies?
A - Use a gentle circular motion to remove the magnetic eyeliner from your eyelids. Then wash away the residue with your regular face cleanser.

Q - Should I use the remover swabbies to clean my magnetic lashes?
A - Do not use remover swabbies to clean magnetic lashes. The olive oil is 100% natural, but it can damage the lashes.