DIY Lash Extensions Remover

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The Fiery Cosmetix Lash Remover is essential for safely and effortlessly removing your DIY Lash Extensions. Our specially formulated oil-based solution delicately dissolves the adhesive, enabling your extensions to glide off smoothly without damaging your natural lashes.

  • Remover - 5ml
  • Oil-based
  • Alcohol-free

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Directions for Use - Please ensure that your face is clean before proceeding with the following steps:  

1. Begin by applying Bond (black) to both your natural lashes and the cluster lash band. Allow it to sit for 20 seconds.

2. Next, utilize the applicator to gently and precisely affix the lash cluster just below your natural lashes.

3. Finally, apply a thin coat of Locker (white), treating it as if you would apply mascara.

4. Removal - gently comb lashes downward with our remover, then use makeup remover to cleanse your eye makeup.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Recyclable Packaging

Application Easy As 1,2,3

  1. Apply Bond
  2. Place The Clusters
  3. Apply Locker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fiery Lash Extensions are designed to last up to 7 days with a single application, giving you a week of captivating beauty.

Each Lash Extensions are designed for a single-use application that lasts up to 7 days, ensuring you get the most out of each set. 

Yes, you can. Our lash extensions are designed to endure night-time wear. However, for optimal longevity, we advise maintaining a sleeping position where your lashes aren't pressed against the pillow.

At Fiery Cosmetix, we stand by our product quality and ensure your safety. If not fully delighted, no need to return. Just tell us within 90 days, and we'll issue a full refund. Your beauty journey is risk-free with us. 

Our lash extensions are indeed waterproof, allowing you to shower, swim, or face unexpected weather confidently. Yet, to maximize their staying power and allure, it's advised to be cautious during the initial 24-72 hours post-application. During this period, avoid soaking them completely and be gentle when washing your face.

The Kindle Kit provides you with two pairs of lashes, a precision applicator to assist with placement, a specially formulated bonding agent to ensure secure wear, and a gentle yet effective remover to help you safely remove the lashes.

Yes, they are. Our innovative design breaks down the lash extensions into just three clusters, making the application process significantly easier and faster. This segmentation, combined with our precision applicator and step-by-step guide, ensures a hassle-free and smooth experience.

 Our Kindle Kit is termed a 'Starter Kit' because it provides all the essential tools and products one needs to begin their lash experience. It's perfect for those new to lash extensions or for those looking to refresh their toolkit. After using the Starter Kit, all you'll need are refills for continued use.

Yes! We're pleased to offer FREE shipping on all orders over $40.