Inferno Magnetic Eyelashes

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Do you dare wear the Inferno Lash? This highly dramatic look is reserved for your most glamorous events. Or the street fair when your Saturday afternoon just feels too dull.

Crafted for delicate lashes and sensitive eyes, designed to save you time on your busy schedule. This wispy medium-length lash is handcrafted from the finest quality silk. Our cutting-edge magnet technology means your lashes stay securely in place wherever you want to wear them. This versatile design complements a variety of eye shapes including round, almond, hooded and monolid.

  • Please note that the liner is sold separately

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Easy Lash Application:

To apply magnetic lashes and liner It just takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Shake well and apply Fiery magnetic eyeliner, Use it as a regular eyeliner, Line from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  2. Wait 2 minutes for the liner to dry completely for an all-day hold.
  3. Position lash over the liner line and feel it snap into place.

  • Magnetic Liner Application Tips

Shake before each use and apply 2 lines for maximum hold all day long

  • Eyelash care & Removal tips:

Gently lift the lash from your eyelid starting from the outside corner. Store your lashes in their case to protect them between uses.

  • Invisible band is constructed with one continuous, lightweight magnet that can be trimmed at any point on the band (no heavy individual magnetic pieces)
  • Beautiful storage case protects lashes when not in use
  • 40+ uses
  • Please note that the liner is sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect lashes!

These lashes have a very nice luxury feel to them! The lash band is thin enough to where they sit comfortable on the lash line and don’t feel heavy at all. Super pretty everyday lashes! Highly recommend these lashes!

Very easy to use !

I really enjoyed the Inferno lashes ! They are so cute and easy to apply. You can wear them with a natural makeup or very Smokey eye. I definitely recommend them especially if you are a beginner at applying lashes.

Bomb Lashes!

This style is definitely my style! Love how long they are, an everyday lash. They made my eyes pop love them!

Lynette Enriquez
Inferno Lashes

They are so beautiful! Love the style of lash! They make my eyes pop! I also love the length! Definitely is my kind of everyday lash! Love it! 💗💗

Love my inferno lashes for everyday glow up

So natural, creating the most gorgeous sultry eyes. Love my inferno lashes for every day wear! Easy and quick to apply and last all day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our unique Invisible Magnet technology allows you to trim the lashes at any point on the band. You’ll get your best fit, depending on your eye shape and desired lash length. Take your time with this process to avoid over-trimming.

Yes. However, you should apply mascara only to your own natural lashes. Do not apply mascara to your Fiery magnetic lashes. Mascara and cleaning solutions could deteriorate the silk lashes.

Yes. Our magnetic lashes are manufactured using all natural materials. The lashes are 100% fine quality silk, and the bands are 100% cotton. These materials are natural and sustainable. Plus, they deliver comfort and long wear.

You won’t see any magnets on our magnetic lashes. This revolutionary invisible magnet technology uses one lightweight, continuous magnet that’s tucked inside the cotton band. It keeps your lashes light, soft, and flexible compared to other lashes with 5 to 10 heavy magnets attached to each band. And the continuous band gives you a stronger hold than all those heavy magnets.

Yes. Magnetic eyeliners contain iron oxides, which is a common ingredient in makeup and skincare products. According to the FDA, iron oxides are safe when applied to skin. They should not cause skin irritation even for people with sensitive skin. You may want to conduct a 24-hour patch test to make sure you have no sensitivity.

1) Shake the eyeliner before use and Apply 1-2 layers of Fiery magnetic eyeliner, for long wear.

2) Allow 2 minutes to dry for an all-day, guaranteed hold.

3) Place the lashes on the liner line. And that's it, You have the Fiery lash comfort all day!

Take our easy quiz to determine the best basic style for your eye shape. Then choose from a range of lashes, depending on your personality and your mood. You’ll find natural styles, dramatic styles and everything in between.

Please visit our Help Center to get comprehensive Q&A or you are welcome to send an email to our support team that would love to assist!
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Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.Every 2 uses. Do not use remover swabbies to clean magnetic lashes. The olive oil is 100% natural, but it can damage the lashes. Use a regular swab and pre moisture it gently with facial cleaner, make sure that it's not oil-based.
Do gentle circles on the lash band and make sure it doesn't touch the Lash hair.
let it dry for a moment, and put them back in their secure case.