Why Is Magnetic Lashes Kit The Best For You?

Why Is Magnetic Lashes Kit The Best For You?

Here’s why getting magnetic lashes kit is the best option for you.

In this article I’ll cover the benefits of getting this magnetic eyelashes kit in the following 6 points:

  1. The selection
  2. The technology
  3. The affordable price
  4. The convenience
  5. The carry case
  6. Cruelty-free


The selection 

You know, with makeup we have days that we feel like, bold, dramatic, and sometimes you just want this natural charm. 

So based on the vibe also you should have the freedom to match your lashes. In this kit you find lashes from natural to dramatic. Round lashes, cat-eye lashes, subtle.

This way you may choose the cat-eye lashes for your coming date which add this tempting look, or maybe go with the round lashes that will keep them guessing.

No need to limit yourself to one lash style. and let me tell you a little secret…

I used to take the lashes in my bag, this way I could change them on the spot if I feel like going with a different vibe. Yes… I like to play with my lashes, I mean, I couldn't think about any other makeup that allows me to change my entire look so fast and without too much effort, nice right? 


The technology

Ok, let's go to some technical part, if you like me, you want to know every detail and how things work and what makes them amazing.

These lashes have invisible magnet technology, Fiery Cosmetix use cutting-edge nanotechnology to weave magnetic threads through the cotton lash band.

So what's that so exclusive in this magnetic lashes kit, is that the lashes developed after a research that deliver lightweight, stronger, all day hold magnetic lashes, without the 5-6-7-10 pieces of magnets that makes them heavy and uncomfortable, not to mention the anxiety i use to have when one of the magnets falls…

Now, you have unique eyes, and your own way to wear lashes, so when you want to customize them, you don't need to be worried about losing magnet or losing too much from the lash length.


The affordable price

Do you love to get more for less? We all do right? I mean… why not?

Another benefit of getting the magnetic lash kit is that you actually get an amazing value at an affordable price, and also you get all you need, the lashes, the liner, the applicator, the olive oil swabbies for removal. And basically you covered from start to finish.

And because you have 3 pairs of lashes that each of them can be used up to 40 times with proper care, you basically have 4 months of lashes! And it means that you can wear them every day, 7 days a week, incredible right? 


The convenience

You see, we have so many things to do such as, taking the kids to school, arrangements, working out, work, friends and so many good things, and I’m sure you be happy to get one less concern in your makeup, you know when you prepare to an event or a day in the office and you just remembered that you run out of your favorite lash.

So this magnetic lashes kit covers you for 4-6 months! And streamlines your makeup routine, so yes, stock up lashes it’s always the best to do to secure our secret glam to the right moments and one less thing to worry about..

The carry case

We talked about the thing that we may feel like changing our look, or sometimes we run from work to an event and need to take with us our makeup, clothing, and jewelry to get ready quickly.

Also, you know this situation where you drop many pieces of makeup items in your purse and then when you need it,  it takes like forever to find it? 

So this is why the carry case of the magnetic lashes kit is so convenient, and also keeps the lashes quality. The case will hold the liner, the lashes, the applicator, all in one place and most importantly hygienic.



We care about our little friends and Fiery magnetic lash kit made from the finest quality silk fibers. So you get the same look as mink lashes, but without cruelty and without giving up the natural look of hair and fluffiness.

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